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4Team plans

Jan 21, 2004

What we plan:
New updates of 4Team Online(January-February):
  • A project with an automatic calculation of the final date and color notification.
  • A right-click, dynamic menu for all items.
  • Outlook Import-Export.
  • A New Information Page for your team and our news.
  • Additional Notifications.
  • Updated Calendar features.
  • Notes formatting: font, size, emotions, links, and Skins.

  • 4Team updates:
    January: German, Spanish, French, and Dutch localizations.
    February: a minor updates and the 4Team Server beta release.
    April: major updates (updated synchronization, without opening Outlook, folder icon update, notifications and alarms, new folders view, archive, and forms update). The 4Team Server full version release.
    May-June: major updates (custom form sharing, recurring tasks and appointments, new project management and timing reports, shared issue folder, notifications in Widows taskbar and in MSN Messenger). We intend to increase the price for this version, and if you are planing to use 4Team - now it is time to demo and buy it. All current customers of 4Team will receive this version for free.

    February: minor updates (to improved functionality and stability)
    April: major updates (updated synchronization, without opening Outlook, sharing documents)
    April: ShareOutlook Server release.

    February: major update.
    March: major update.

    New release coming in the next 3 weeks (Adding members without Email and Synchronization updates. Tested and updated for Outlook 2003. The new Help file.)

    New release in coming 2 weeks (Updated wizard, tested with Outlook 2003, some bugs fixed, German Localization, new automatic importing of faxes to Outlook even when Outlook is closed).
    March: support for most popular, free and paid internet fax services.

    Canned Responses:
    February: New fully redesigned version.

    Vcard4Outlook: coming in next week with updated functionality and fixes.

    SendLater and FreeBusy: Update in February with new functionality.

    4Team CRM (Customer relationship management): this is a totally new program based on ShareOutlook technology and fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook. The Beta version will be available for free in February with an easy-to-install setup and customization. You can implement your business process integrated with your website and email system. This is a fabulous and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft CRM and other small office (50 user) CRM solutions. We are now in the process of testing. We are looking for Resellers and Partners to sell this tremendous product (please register as a reseller here). The current 4Team and ShareOutlook users will receive a special discount if they decide to use this product. The price for the downloaded version is targeted not to exceed $150 per user with 1 year of free updates/upgrades. Support, installation, and customization will be available only from resellers, and will be based on the incident basis. Additional information will be available only with the beta release.
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