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"Easy Pay" Payments on 4Team

“Easy Pay” is the most convenient and reliable way to pay for the product. You can relax and focus on more pressing matters, be secure in the knowledge that your payment will be made automatically - on time, every time. And best of all, it's FREE.

Frequently asked questions: 

  • What is “Easy Pay”?

    “Easy pay” - is a payment method applied to some products that are in the shopping cart, when the sum is between $20 and $500, and paid with 2-week installments, without price increase.
  • What can I buy with “Easy Pay”?

    It is available for eligible purchases between $20-$500 for 4Team Sync2, OST2 products including the offered 4Team Product Bundles.
  • Are there any additional fees?

    No additional fees. Know upfront exactly what you’ll owe.
  • Do I need to apply for the “Easy Pay” payment?

    No, there is no application or approval needed – simply choose the method in the Shopping Cart.
  • Does Easy Pay accept different currencies?

    Yes. When you enter your payment information, you can choose to pay with one of the currencies we support: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, HKD, JPY.
  • Will my credit card information be stored?

    No, we do not store any payment information. PayPal is used to process all payments, so your credit card information is not stored on 4Team servers.
  • What is a “Paid with 2-week installments” without price increase, offer?

    For this payment offer, there is 0% price increase on qualifying purchases until paid in full. The minimum payment is based upon the eligible purchase price, the number of 2-week installments in the offer and the purchase amount. If all payments are made on time, the payments will pay off the promotional balance by the end of the promotional period. The total amount of such payments will not exceed the eligible purchase amount.
  • How do I know when my first payment is due?

    A billing statement will be sent or made available to you after your first purchase using the “Easy Pay”. The billing statement will include your payment due date. Your payment due date will be at least 14 days after the statement is sent or made available.
  • How do I know how much to pay each 2-week installment?

    The minimum payment due is in the Payment Information section of your billing statement. If you have made multiple purchases and you would like to understand the minimum payment for each promotional plan, that information can be found in the Summary of Order section of your statement. Each of these minimum payment amounts is added together to equal the required minimum payment due on the account.
  • What happens if I can't make a payment?

    Easy Pay payment method is committed to making sure you stick to your repayment plan. As soon as you miss a payment, you will have to cover the remaining amount in the next 5 business days after you’ve been notified. If the remaining amount is not paid, the licenses for the purchased products will be canceled.

If you have more questions, please contact our support team.

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