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Planned 4Team Updates

Oct 22, 2003

4Team for Outlook and 4Team Online are planned to be released during the first week of November.
The new beta of Server4Team will be available during the second week of November (an easy way to synchronize your 4Team with the help of email or without it). You will be able to install it in your network with Windows 2000, XP and Windows Server family. Server4Team has the functionality similar to 4Team Online.
The new beta of CRM4Team is coming out at the end of November.
Whats new in the coming 4Team update:
  • New Project Home.
  • New Document Folder (copy-&-paste, drag-&-drop, edit documents).
  • 30% increased Outlook stability with new spooler technology (independent of Outlook email processing).
  • Changes Stamps: all new and updated items automatically stamped, showing: "Created by (date, owner), Last modified by, etc.
  • Attachments in any forms (News, Meetings, Task, Post, etc.)
  • Statements & Rules with document attachments.
  • Project rename.
  • Help & FAQ Updates.
  • Beta version will be available next week.
    All current 4Team Customers will receive this update for Free.
    Whats new in the coming 4Team Online update:
  • Notification by email.
  • Easy adding of members to multiple projects.
  • Printout of Calendar, Contacts, Discussion, Reports, etc.
  • Updated views & dashboard.
  • Improved synchronization with 4Team for MS Outlook.
  • SSL support.
  • Session end alerts for open items.

  • 4Team Online Prices (monthly fees, depending on the size of your team) :
    without 4Team for MS Outlook:
  • 1-50 members - $8-$5 per member,
  • 50 members and more - $4-$2 per member.
  • for customers using 4Team for MS Outlook: up to $1.75 per member.
    We will publish the pricing plans at the moment of the programs release.
    4Team for Microsoft Outlook website
    4Team Online website
    Go to 4Team for Microsoft Outlook Website
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