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Registration for 4Team® Corporation (4Team) products, websites & services is fulfilled on the basis of distribution rules for each product and the present Privacy and Terms. Upon registration, downloading, installing or purchasing our software or services you acknowledge that you are aware of these Privacy and Terms and agree with them.

If you disagree, your only option is to not use 4Team websites, products & services.

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By using our site, software and services you consent to this Privacy and Terms policy.

Copyright statement

4Team products & services has been developed privately in accordance with the order of ©1999-2018 Alittera Ltd Inc and 4Team Corporation (further 4Team). All rights reserved. None of the materials in this resource, including text, program code, graphics and any other material may be reproduced or used without prior written permission from 4Team. 4Team®, ShareO®, Sync2®, Sendlater®, OST2®, SyncGene®, Mergix® are registered trademarks.


4Team products & services are provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" without any warranty of any kind, whether expressed or implied. 4Team hereby disclaims all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement and enjoyment. 4Team does not make any warranties that the material of 4Team Web site is accurate or complete or that the 4Team Web site will operate fully error-free or without interruption, or will be suitable for your needs or intended applications.

Privacy and safety

General privacy:

By letting customers download and install 4Team products & services, 4Team guarantees that no other information about users will be accumulated and used, except for information which is officially submitted to 4Team.

4Team does not bear responsibility for the violation of your privacy if such is the effect of your own actions.

4Team guarantees that the personal information you provided upon registration will be used only to send you official information concerning 4Team products & services and to contact you when necessary. Your registration data will not be used for any other purposes or handed over to any third party except if required by the law.

We do not collect or store any third party (Google Account, iCloud, etc.) login or password information. Passwords for some services (Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, etc.) that you are configured with some 4Team Products or services (Sync2, etc.) are encrypted and stored locally on your PC or mobile devices. We only use your password information to exchange data between computers and mobile devices on which you use our product or service.

We do not sell or advertise your data.

4Team uses encryption in compliance with U.S. Commerce Department regulations for software that ships internationally.

Access to 4Team product and services information is limited to 4Team staff who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer service).

4Team products & services use only legal technologies and gather data only from well-known and open sources.

What information do we collect and how we use it?

Personally Identifiable Information:

When you register with our service, using web forms, download or purchase our products you provide us with personally identifiable information or personal information, which is defined as information that identifies you, as an individual, or an organization, and includes your name, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and billing information.

We only collect your personal information after you have specifically and knowingly provided such information to us. By voluntarily providing this information to us at various points when using our Site or Software including but not limited to: sending us a comment or suggestion; deploying an application from the Site; generating data in the course of using an application on the Site; entering a forum or bulletin board; downloading content; or entering a contest that is posted on our Site, you will be consenting to the collection and use of your personal information and allow us to provide services and features that most likely meet your needs.

If you invite others to use the Site or Software, 4Team will ask you for your contacts' email address. 4Team will automatically send your contact an email inviting them to visit the site. 4Team stores this information to send this email, to enable them to easily respond to your invitation, and to track the success of your referrals. People whose contact details we have, may contact us at to request the removal of their information from our database.

Non-Personal Information

4Team uses the information collected from you:

  • To authenticate your visits
  • To conduct research
  • To respond to your questions or comments you forward to us
  • To run chat rooms, forums or other areas of interaction with other members
  • To contact you to discuss your use of the Site
  • To provide requested information to you such as a password or to provide technical or customer support
  • To view or access for the purpose of resolving a problem, support issue, or suspected violation of the Licensing Agreement, or as may be required by law
  • To diagnose technical problems, and to administer our Site in order to constantly improve the quality of the Site
  • To keep aggregate information on Site use

4Team uses the collected information to manage and improve our Site, Software and Services. 4Team collects this information so that 4Team can provide you with the Site/Software and offer personalized features.

When you update information, 4Team keeps a backup copy of the prior version for a reasonable period of time to enable reversion to the prior version of that information. 4Team logs various types of information to help manage and improve the Site, Software and Services in general and for you in particular. For example, 4Team identifies items such as domains and browser types to understand how the Site is used and to report these statistics in the aggregate to better manage the technology of the Site.

4Team may enhance or merge Personally Identifiable Information with your other information and with data from third parties in order to better develop, market and provide our products, services and software, including under the following circumstances:

  • technology and other service providers to provide technology and services to 4Team and to you;
  • vendors that help 4Team with data analysis, for example for product efficacy studies and market analysis.

The above third parties are all contractually obligated to keep the information 4Team provides confidential and to not use the information for any purpose other than providing services to 4Team and to you under 4Team's direction. On occasion, 4Team may also receive your Personally Identifiable Information from these third parties.

4Team limits access to personal information about users to employees who 4Team appropriately believes need to come into contact with that information to provide products or services to users or in order to do their jobs.

4Team shall also disclose Personally Identifiable Information as permitted or required by law or as required by subpoena, search warrant, or other legal process. 4Team also shares information that it believes is necessary in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of 4Team's Terms of Use, or as otherwise required by law.

As 4Team's business evolves, 4Team may sell, transfer or otherwise share some or all of its assets, including information provided by you, in connection with a merger, reorganization or sale of some or all of our assets or in the event of bankruptcy. In any such event, Personally Identifiable Information and other information may be one of the assets transferred. 4Team will post notice before personal information is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy, and 4Team will seek your consent if that policy is materially different from this one.

How 4Team collect and use information

  • Web forms where you type information into a form or a search query into a box.
  • Technologies such as cookies, including third party (e.g. Google Analytics) which are described below.
  • Web logging, which enables us to collect the standard information your browser sends to every website you visit or email message from us you opened.
  • Software installed on your computer or device, which may send back information needed to operate, update, or improve the apps or services.

In some cases, the information we collect depends on the specific product or feature you use. In some scenarios, a product may create and store certain data, including hidden metadata, which remains within the document or on the local device but is not sent to or collected by 4Team.

Standard Computer Information. Standard Computer Information includes your IP address, operating-system version, Microsoft Outlook version, browser version, regional and language settings, your hardware ID (indicating the device manufacturer and version), and the name of your software product and the version number.

Connectivity Data. When you connect to 4Team online services such as Software Activation, Update, 4Team receives performance, configuration, reliability, and usage data related to your use of those services. 4Team may associate this data with information about your hardware settings, browser type, IP address, and tenant domain to better understand how variables affect service or software. Connectivity data does not intentionally contain personally identifiable information. However, some data could unintentionally contain personally identifiable information such as, for example, if you include your name in a file location. 4Team may use connectivity data to provide the service, personalize your experience, and improve 4Team services. If a particular feature or service sends information to 4Team, connectivity data may also be sent.

4Team Error Reporting Logs. The 4Team Error Reporting tool allows you to report error messages to 4Team over the Internet. If you are connected to the Internet, when an error message appears, you can immediately report the message to 4Team. If the error report shows that any third-party products were involved in causing the problem, 4Team might send the report to those third-parties. Developers employed by 4Team or one of its partners analyze the error data and try to identify and correct the problem. Although the tool isn’t intended to collect Personally identifiable information, it’s possible such information might be captured in memory or in the data collected from open files. 4Team doesn’t use this information to identify you.

Support Data. Support Data is the information we collect when you submit a support request or run an automated troubleshooter, including information about hardware, software/service, and other details related to the support incident, such as: contact or authentication information, chat session personalization, information about the condition of the machine and the application when the fault occurred and during diagnostics, system and registry data about software installations and hardware configurations, and error-tracking files.

Support may be provided through phone, e-mail, or online chat. We may use Remote Access (RA), with your permission, to temporarily navigate your machine. Phone conversations, online chat sessions, or Remote Access sessions with support professionals may be recorded and/or monitored. For RA, you may also access the recording after your session. For Online Chat or RA, you may end a session at any time of your choosing. We use Support Data as described in this privacy statement, and additionally use it to resolve your support incident and for training purposes.

Following a support incident, we may send you a survey about your experience and offerings. You must opt-out of support surveys separately from other communications provided by 4Team, by contacting Support or through the e-mail footer.

To review and edit your personal information collected through our support services, please contact us via email.

Your data and how we use it.

4Team uses Web Log Data, Preferences Data, and Your Data, including both Personally Identifiable Information and Non-Personally Identifiable Information in both aggregated and individual forms, to provide the 4Team Services and support them. We may process and use this data for purposes consistent with this Privacy Policy including, but not limited to:

  • Customize, measure, and improve the 4Team Services, and the content and advertising provided through them;
  • Enforce our Web Services and Software Terms of Service and detect fraud and other illegal activities;
  • Bill and collect for any applicable fees or charges;
  • Let you know about new products or services from 4Team or other companies we work with as well as promotional offers, based on your preference settings;
  • Let you know about changes to the 4Team Services, this Privacy Policy, and other terms that apply to our software or services;
  • Update any programs or other tools that we provide in conjunction with the 4Team Software and Services.

Some product and services (Sync2 4Team FTP service, SyncGene, Mergix, 4Team Synchronization platform, etc.) may require to store your data. You own the data you store and process with these services. We use your data only to provide the services you want. We considere your data as confidential information, and it is not sent over the Internet without encryption.

All your stored data is encrypted and can be deleted upon your request and according to the law.

4Team does not scan any information for advertising purposes.

We will not disclose Your Data outside of 4Team or its controlled subsidiaries except as per your direction or unless required by law.

You always have the option to not provide information by choosing not to become a User or by not using the particular feature of the Site for which the information is being collected.

Upon written request 4Team Corporation will provide you with information about what personal information we have about you. To review, delete and update your personal information to ensure it is accurate, you may login into your account to make the changes, or you may contact us at Please help us keep your personal information current in the file we maintain about you on your account.

When you choose to close your account with us, we will remove your information from our system and ensure that there are not further mailings or billings directed towards the canceled account.

Your Customer and Administrator Data and Data location

The computers and servers on which we store Personally identifiable information (Administrator Data) and Customer data (All data, including all files, or provided on your behalf, to 4Team through your use of the Products and Services.) are encrypted and kept in a secure and separate environment as well as other online assets. We can also use third party services, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to store Administrator Data (information you provide during sign-up, purchase, or administration of the Products or Services. This may include the name, address, phone number, and email address, whether collected at initial purchase or later during management of the Services.).

The Administration, Customer, Support and Payment Data can be located on Microsoft Azure cloud or hosted on servers provided by and/or other reputable hosting providers.

Third Party Websites.

When you click on a link to any other website or location, you will leave our Site and go to another site and another entity may collect Personal Data or Anonymous Data from you. We have no control over, do not review, and cannot be responsible for, these outside websites or their content. Please be aware that the terms of this Privacy Policy do not apply to these outside websites or content, or to any collection of data after you click on links to such outside websites.

Payment Data / How Secure Is Information About Me?

When you make online purchases, you will be asked to provide information, which may include your payment instrument number (e.g., credit card, PayPal), your name and billing address, and the security code associated with your payment instrument (e.g., the CSV) and other financial data ("Payment Data").

We use Payment Data to complete transactions, as well as for the detection and prevention of fraud.

When you provide Payment Data while authentication, we do not store payment instrument data (credit card number, expiration, CSV or log in/password information to payment services, such as PayPal), we store only non-essential Payment data (name, billing address, email address, phone, type of payment) to help you complete future transactions without you having to provide the information again.

Be sure to sign off when finished using a shared computer.

Sharing Your Information

We will not disclose Customer Data, Administrator Data, Payment Data or Support Data ("your information") outside of 4Team or its controlled subsidiaries and affiliates except as you direct, or as described in your agreement(s) or this privacy statement.

  • We occasionally contract with other companies to provide services (such as customer support) on our behalf. We may provide these companies with access to your information where necessary for their engagement. These companies are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information and are prohibited from using it for any purpose other than that for which they are engaged by 4Team.
  • We will not disclose Customer Data to a third party (including law enforcement, other government entity, or civil litigant; excluding our subcontractors) except as you direct or unless required by law. Should a third party contact us with a demand for Customer Data, we will attempt to redirect the third party to request it directly from you. As part of that, we may provide your basic contact information to the third party. If compelled to disclose Customer Data to a third party, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you in advance of a disclosure unless legally prohibited.
  • 4Team may share Administrator Data or Payment Data with third parties for purposes of fraud prevention or to process payment transactions.
  • We will not substantively respond to data protection and privacy requests from your end users without your prior written consent, unless required by applicable law.

4Team Account

In order to access the Services, you or your users may be required to sign in with a 4Team Account or other authentication services (Google Account, Apple Account, Facebook, etc…). Use of 4Team Account is subject to this privacy statement. By signing into one 4Team product or service, you may be automatically signed into other 4Team services that use these credentials.

When you sign in to a site or service using your 4Team account, we collect certain information in order to verify your identity on behalf of the site or service, to protect you from malicious account usage and to protect the efficiency and security of the 4Team account service. For instance, when you sign in, the 4Team account service receives your credentials and logs your sign-in name and other information, such as the unique number assigned to your credentials, your IP address, your operating system and web browser version and time and date.

If you use a third-party authentication service, its use of your information is subject to its privacy practices. You should carefully review the privacy statement for each network account you connect to your 4Team account to determine how it will use the information it collects.

How do we protect your information?

We employ reasonable managerial and technical measures to ensure that your information is secure. For example, all Personally identifiable information is maintained behind a firewall. In addition, 4Team uses server authentication, data encryption, encoded session identifications, and other advanced technology to prevent interference or unauthorized access from outside intruders.


The information you provide us with upon registration must be accurate and complete. Furthermore, if your registration information changes, you are required to inform 4Team about these changes.


4Team does not accept liability of any kind for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses resulting from:

  • the use of 4Team products & services or the impossibility to do so,
  • the cost of purchasing substitute goods and/or services resulting from any goods, data, information or services purchased or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into, through, or from 4Team products & services,
  • unauthorized access or alteration of your transmissions or data,
  • statements or conduct of any third party on 4Team products and services, or
  • any other matter relating to 4Team products & services.

In case of dissatisfaction with 4Team products & services offered by 4Team or any part of these Terms and Conditions, your only option is to discontinue usage of 4Team products & services. This can be done at any moment.


In case 4Team notices or suspects that you are violating these Privacy and Terms, we have the right to take legal actions. These may vary from ignoring or warning to exclusion from the service.

If you notice any violations, please report them to:

Collection of data using 'Cookies'

4Team or a third party may use "cookies" to collect data on the usage of the website by the User and to facilitate return visits. A "cookie" is a small piece of data sent by a web server to be stored on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. The data collected from cookies is currently used to improve the functionality of the website. The data on the website is organized and presented based on the analysis of the aggregate usage of the website. Targeting cookies are used by advertising platforms or networks in order to deliver ads and track ad performance, enable advertising networks to deliver ads that may be relevant to you based upon your activities.

The User may disable the cookie feature on their browser without affecting their ability to transact business on the website. Disabling cookies may require more complexity and data entry. The User should also be aware that if they do disable cookies they may not be able to use certain features on the website.

European Union residents

For persons in European Union countries, the GDPR establishes a new framework for handling and protecting the personal data of EU-based residents with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. It is essential that people know that they have control and clarity over how their data is used and protected by any organization they interact with. One of the aims of 4Team is to follow the laws and bring data privacy laws across Europe up to speed with the rapid technological change. We will not collect any personal data from you unless you provide it voluntarily by providing us with your freely given specific and informed consent. You acknowledge and agree that we may transfer such information (including, without limitation your personally identifiable information or personal data) to the United States or other countries or may share such information only when it is consistent with the rules of GDPR and Laws applicable in EU and USA.

International Users

By visiting the Site and providing your data, you acknowledge and agree that due to the international dimension of 4Team some of the data may be transmitted outside your resident jurisdiction. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that such data may be stored on servers located in the United States.

Spam Policy

4Team does not condone spamming. 4Team will not rent, sell, or share Personally Identifiable Information or any of your synchronized data, or other contact information, or your use of the Site, and your data will not be used for spam or any other purpose outside of 4Team's software and services.

4Team may periodically send you service-related announcements from time to time about the general operation of the service. 4Team reserves the right to send you such notices about your account even if you opt out of all voluntary email notifications.


4Team does not and will not, at any time, request Personally Identifiable Information in a non-secure or unsolicited e-mail or telephone communication.

Automated Messages Feature for Microsoft Outlook users

Applied only for users/customers that installed 4Team software and have Microsoft Outlook installed. As part of 4Team Software installation, a user will see an automatically generated email message in his Microsoft Outlook inbox. It is a benefit of 4Team software installation procedure which explains how to start using this software (welcome message), providing a user with timely software or security update and/or promotion notifications directly to the Inbox. This feature has been requested by users, that accidentally receive our instructional or promotional emails in the Outlook Junk folder. The message will be generated even if the user does not have any working email accounts connected to Microsoft Outlook.

The Automated Messages Feature will not violate user/customer Privacy in any way, as we do not extract/collect a user's email address without (nor with) confirmation. The only way we can see/record the user's personal email address is when he/she automatically replies to the welcome message generated by our tool or click the "unsubscribe" link.

In order to completely unsubscribe from all automated messages, please unsubscribe from all computers you have installed our software on or contact us. Enterprise customers may request removal of this feature.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

4Team has the right to change and/or update these Terms and Conditions at any moment. You will be notified of such changes here at

This policy was last modified May 24, 2018

Opt-out policy

If, at any time after you have provided information to us, and you have changed your mind about receiving information from us or about sharing your information, you can either return to account setup and change your preferences or send us an email that specifies your request. Simply send your request to

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