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Oct 20, 2004

New update of Schedules4Team, version 2.51.0027 available for downloading

Major updates included in this version: New improved interface and menu


Sep 28, 2004

The Pre-release of Schedules4Team, version 2.50.0074, has now become a Release.

For full list of updates click here. Click here for download.


Sep 22, 2004

New Update of ShareOutlook, Calendar4Outlook, Contacts4Outlook.

Fixes included: e-mails with update information stay in Inbox if there were non-standard types of items in folder e-mails with update information so...


Sep 20, 2004

New Schedules4Team version 2.5 is going to be released October 1st.

Major updates included in this version: improved wizard for adding members improved group management window possibilty to add members who do not pa...


Sep 4, 2004

Minor Update of ShareOutlook, Calendar4Outlook, Contacts4Outlook.

Updated version 1.3.40 of ShareOutlook, Calendar4Outlook, and Contacts4Outlook is available for download.


Aug 28, 2004

4Team Online Update

Preview Pane Use "Preview Pane" just like in Microsoft Outlook to quickly review your task, appointment or other item. Use the "Preview Pane" button ...


Aug 24, 2004

4Team Plans:

New Updates and Releases: (all updates a free for existing customers) September: ShareOutlook, Calendar4Outlook, Contacts4Outlook major Update. Ne...


Aug 17, 2004

Microsoft Outlook 2003 Service Pack 1 improves  4Team stability.

New Microsoft Office 2003 (Outlook) Service Pack 1 (SP-1) has solved the problem of crashing custom and 4Team Forms that caused malfunction of 4Team. ...


Aug 12, 2004

Minor Update of ShareOutlook, Calendar4Outlook, Contacts4Outlook.

Problem with "Unread Only" in Outlook 2002 corrected. This Update applies to Microsoft Outlook 2002 users only.


Jul 22, 2004

4Team Online - Updates 7/20/2004

Draft Folder: Save your unfinished work in a separate "Drafts" folder invisible to other members Now you can make your messages, tasks, appointments...


Jul 21, 2004

Crabby about SendLater at the Microsoft Office Marketplace

...Whether you cant remember to send out the same weekly bulk e-mail messages or you are a hothead who really should count to 10 (seconds, minutes, da...


Jul 15, 2004

ShareOutlook, Contacts4Outlook & Calendar4Outlook ver. 1.3.36 are published

Problem when e-mails were not processed and stayed Inbox in non-English Outlook corrected.


Jun 23, 2004

New release of FreeBusy version 1.14.13 is available for downloading

Whats new: Remote Access to FreeBusy Status and Outlook Exit. Email forwarding (with message compression) to an email address, mobile phone, pager b...


Jun 21, 2004

New VCard4Outlook version 1.14.15 available for downloading

Whats new: fixed import bug file size is twice as small you can upgrade your version without uninstalling previous version An Upgrade is available...


Jun 13, 2004

Canned Responses New Release available for download

New features: Import-Export Canned Experience. Canned Toolbar Customization (Sorting toolbar icons). Improved toolbar.


Jun 13, 2004

New 4Team Online Update

New updated version of 4Team Online has been published. Important changes and additions: Work hours information in Tasks: Now you can track your and...


May 30, 2004

ReplyWith new Release v. 1.0.6 available for download

After beta testing our first Release of ReplyWith version 1.0.6 finally available for downloading. You will love this product!


May 24, 2004

New ShareOutlook, Calendar4Outlook & Contacts4Outlook Update v.1.3.32

Problem that leads to Outlook crashes on some Systems (mostly on new Dell PCs with preinstalled MS Office Systems) is resolved.


May 6, 2004

Beta Release of ReplyWith v1.0.1 available for download from

If you have a busy email traffic and you need timesaving templates, this program is for you. ReplyWith is an add-in program integrated into Microsoft ...


Apr 23, 2004

New updated version of 4Team Online has been published.

New features: Notification of participants about a new or updated appointment or task. You can now notify each team member that you have invited the...

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