Jul 28, 2003

New Fax4Outlook update

New version 2.19 of Fax4Outlook available for downloading


Jul 23, 2003

New ShareOutlook 1.1.449 is available

Totally New ShareOutlook is available for downloading. Here are the main features that have been added: The new Management Panel that allows you to ...


Jul 18, 2003

Efax+Fax4Outlook solutions

For customers of 4Team Corporation, j2 Global Communications is offering a fantastic opportunity to combine its Internet eFax solution with all advant...


Jul 16, 2003

ShareOutlook 1.1 Beta is available

New ShareOutlook version 1.1 Beta is currently under testing. Here is the main features that have been added: Use Management Panel that allows you to...


Jul 8, 2003

Products Updates:

FreeBusy (1.12.356) SendLater (1.58.353) Fax4Outlook (2.18) Fixed problems: - ActiveSync – related problems for PDA and Palm users - Easy Right...


Jul 8, 2003

New beta version of 4Team for MS Outlook 2002

New features and additions: - support for Exchange type profiles - support for 4Team Server™ (will be available in September) - support for 4Team O...


Jun 19, 2003

FreeBusy (1.11.294), SendLater (1.55.55) Update

Whats New: Now your email is sent on time. The programs force Outlook to “Send All” on time. FreeBusy website: SendLater web...


Jun 18, 2003

Release FreeBusy (Out of Office)

FreeBusy is e-mail responder allowing you to automatically respond to all your incoming e-mail correspondence even if you are away from your computer....


Jun 5, 2003

SendLater new version update is available for downloading

Whats New: You can automatically grab the last-modified attached file from any folders or group of folders, or modified file. Create the Ignore file...


Jun 4, 2003

4Team for MS Outlook with MS Exchange support

New 4Team for MS Outlook (v.1.60.324) prerelease with MS Exchange support is available for downloading. To download the version for MS Outlook 2002,...


Jun 4, 2003

The German Version of 4Team for MS Outlook

The German Version of 4Team for MS Outlook (v.1.60.324) is available for downloading. Click here to download 4Team for MS Outlook 2002 German Editio...


May 14, 2003

New Fax4Outlook version 2.0

New Fax4Outlook for MS Outlook 2000/2002 is now available for downloading in our Downloads catalog. This latest version offers additional feature: I...


Apr 28, 2003

New ShareOutlook prerelease

New ShareOutlook prerelease v.1.0.136 available for downloading Click here to download. ShareOutlook full release is planned for the end of this wee...


Apr 24, 2003

New SendLater update v1.4.40

Version improved. Activation problem fixed


Apr 11, 2003

New ShareOutlook prerelease available for downloading

Click here to download. If your trial is over, click here to download the trial extender, which will extend your trial up to April 15. (Please close ...


Apr 9, 2003

Our schedule of future products releases

April: - 4Team for MS Outlook 2000/2002 (German localization) v1.60.328 - Fax4Outlook for Windows 2000/XP (Office 2000/2002): - Fax4Team - intrane...


Apr 3, 2003

Schedules4Team for MS Outlook (v1.3.23) update

Whats New: Adding group problem resolved. Problems with installation on some PC configurations fixed. Installation: Prior to upgrading, we recommend...


Mar 27, 2003

New version of Schedules4Team for MS Outlook (v1.3.20)

Whats New: Add new members directly from Grid by simple right clicking. Use Members timeline, for meeting requests and more. Click on 24/Work Time ...


Mar 24, 2003

SendLater New Release

New Release SendLater with recurring email option! No more reminders needed. Schedule repetitive emails at daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly inte...


Mar 21, 2003

New SendLater prerelease v1.3.339

New SendLater Scheduler with recurring email option! No more reminders needed. Schedule repetitive emails at daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly i...

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