About Us

We @ 4Team Corporation are a team of more than 45 employees and contractors in US and Europe.
4Team Corporation is a Microsoft Certified Partner and independent software vendor for enterprises and individuals.

4Team Corporation or 4Team is a fictitious brand name under which we, Alittera Ltd Inc, are doing software business.

With over 18-year experience of developing software for Microsoft Windows and Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, we have served hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

We make software products and services that help improve productivity and efficiency of business people and individuals that use them.

Started in September 1999 as a for-profit company in the USA, we are continually investing in our products, employees, contractors, partners and customer experience. We are determined to make our products better. During our products’ lifetime, we are constantly working on their upgrades and improvements to make them run successfully in always changing environment, in the way our customers want. Our simple support (email, chat) is always free, regardless of whether you have purchased a product or are just trying it out. Our software solutions are easy to use and always simple to uninstall with clear management and upgrade path, simple refund policy and no intention of snooping around.

By using most of the products that we have been developing, always improving them and looking for customers feedbacks, we help our customers use the products successfully.

Building great products and services depends on great people. We hire people who are smart, determined and want to learn and create new things. By investing in our staff’s financially, the team’s training, certifications, free literature required for work and much more we want them to gain success in their careers. People who worked with us are now working in Microsoft and other great companies around the world.

We rely on our partners and customers who want to work with us and improve our products and expand their features. By offering heavy discounts, free licenses and investments in partner development, we want our partners to succeed in their business.

We are proud to render our services to medical and law offices, software, communication and construction companies, etc. Among our customers are: AT&T, Cisco, Merck, Microsoft, U.S. Department of Energy, Police Departments, churches, schools, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

Your success is our success!

4Team Corporation Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
Average Rating: 4.9/5 - 757 reviews
I am happy to be able to list your software at Softpicks Network It really is a valued contribution that I and the rest of my team sincerely appreciate. Thank you very much for this opportunity. We have checked your software twice and it is great ! So here is your award of 5 stars !
About Us

About Us

4Team Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Partner and independent software vendor for enterprises and individuals. Company was founded in 1999 in the United States.

We are motivated and inspired by new projects, our clients from all over the world, and the team we work with. We all love tech, active leisure, nature, good food, wine and music. We are all different but we are a family.

What we do

Software development, installation

Our main specialization - developing innovative IT solutions using Microsoft technologies. These are products for the Microsoft Office 365 environment, other web solutions and interesting startup projects.

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Product sales

Our sales team helps to choose the right product for both, business and private users. It provides individual offers that meet every customer's expectations. We want to improve and satisfy the changing needs of our clients. Therefore, we always invest in new products and services. We also inform our customers about existing and future product updates regularly.

User consulting

We are consulting clients in buying, installing and using our software. Our team continually collects feedback from our customers who have tested our products. We pay a lot of attention to analyzing and improving the quality of all our processes. That’s why every comment is so important to us. The team are proficient with the software and have been consistently rated 5 stars for providing an excellent service.


Our marketing team is driven by technology and uses it to achieve business goals. We are talented people, real digital marketing guru! We have comprehended PPC and SEO, mastered content creation nuances and social media management features. Nevertheless, we are constantly learning and improving our knowledge. We use the most effective marketing tools to attract new customers and improve the experience of existing users.

Our satisfied customers

Customers all over the world are successfully using 4Team Corporation services for personal and business needs

Sumitomo Corporation
L'Oreal - Denmark
Eurofins OPTIMED
Banque Populaire
Maped Silco
New Mexico State University
University of Virginia
Aga Khan Foundation
AGCO Corporation
Imperial Tobacco
Mauser Group
State Bank of India